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What is Laravel Fullstack Web Development Laravel and Vue.Js

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Figure out how to fabricate full-stack web applications with Laravel 5, Laravel Mix, Vue js, Bootstrap 4 and Sass

What is Laravel? It is one of the best programming language mostly used for freelancer type website and has amazing features to work on.

What Will I Learn?

  • Construct a full-stack web application with Laravel 5, Laravel Mix, Bootstrap 4, Sass and Fontawesome 5
  • Use Laravel Mix for resource gathering
  • Become an expert Laravel designer


You ought to have an essential comprehension of HTML, PHP, OOP, CSS, and Javascript

A Mac, Windows, or Linux PC with Local Development Environment introduced (xampp, wamp, Laravel residence, and so on)

A Mac, Windows, or Linux PC with Nodejs introduced


Welcome to “Fullstack Web Development With Laravel”, the best online asset for figuring out how to manufacture full-stack web application with Laravel 5, Bootstrap 4, Vue.js and different advances.

You will learn fundamental and advance Laravel highlights, incorporating Bootstrap 4, Integrating Font great 5, using Laravel blend to compose and assemble Sass code and Javascript code and substantially more.

The majority of my courses are venture driven learning, in this course, we will construct a true extent, that will make you stand with pride and make you sure to manufacture complex web applications that you can envision.

What is Laravel web development?

It’s a structure that provides one with the capability to choose and create a program on it. The framework does help one to figure out how you shape your software and connect it with different Application program Interfaces (APIs). The framework is a set of classes that do makes developers life easier. A good example is when a developer chooses to hide some complex Hypertext Transfer Protocol(HTTP) or a case of adding essential functions. So now comes the question of what is Laravel web development is, it is a PHP framework that has been built with the focus to write computer code which is simple and expensive as well. It’s the highly used and again the modern web application framework that is freely available. Laravel web development is well known to have been used in creating personalized web software in a quick and efficient way.

Reasons why Laravel web development is the Best PHP Framework?

PHP has been known as the popular server scripting language around the world in the companies that develop Softwares. Numerous revolutions have passed to reach where we are today in the world of PHP as a web developing language.

Currently, developers are expected to create websites and web apps that are complex, and this takes much time to start from the beginning.

Because of this dire need, a more natural structured way of development is required. PHP frameworks made the solution for this to programmers. Laravel web development possesses a large ecosystem that has instant hosting as well as the deployment system. Here are some of the features that make it the best PHP platform:

1. Authorization and Program Logic Technique

The key important part of any web app is the authentication part and with the knowledge of how much time coders do take to develop authentication computer code. It helps in arranging authorization logic and controls access to resources. With the latest Laravel design, the validation computer code is included. It has reduced the time taken to create codes. Application reasoning in Laravel has already been implemented in every software that uses controllers in making a route to declarations by the use of syntax. This framework provides flexibility to coders they need to build everything from the range of small websites to the useful business Softwares.

2. Blade Templating Engine

Being the best features of the Laravel web developing framework, the Blade templating engine is easy to use and understand. It helps one when working with typical PHP/HTML languages. Laravel web development enables the composer of the plain codes PHP in a layout shape hence improving the execution of usage difficulties.

3. Great Tutorials(Laracasts)

Laracasts has been up to now, the key learning tool for Laravel web development. This is a combination of paid and free video tutorials that makes one learn how to use Laravel. Jeffery who made the videos is an expert and an instructor experienced for many years. He has offered instructions that are clear and exact, managed to produce high-quality content and training lessons that are well thought out and meaningful thus making Laravel web development fun of learning.

4. Different File Support

Laravel web development has a local support network feature that is for different document services. For this reason, it uses Fly-system. Likewise, cloud-based inventories choices are created closer to cloud-based platforms.

5. Security

Laravel web development has uniquely provided a secure way to the web application. It has used hashed(#) passwords and does not save the password in plain-text form. Furthermore, it has used the Bcrypt hash algorithm in creating encrypted passwords. SQL statements are used by Laravel to make injection attacks unable to be imagined. It has also provided a simple method of the escape of user input that avoids user injection of the script tag (<script>).

6. Artisan

This is a tool provided by Laravel web development. The programmer interacts with the framework by the use of a command line that is entitled to the creation and management of the Laravel web development project environment. An artisan is a built-in tool provided by Laravel. Alon with this tool, we can perform majorly the repetitive and most tiresome programming tasks that programmers mostly avoid to come up with.

7. Migration System Databases

On this feature, migration does help one to increase the database structure of the software without recreating each time a change is made. With this, chances to lose codes are avoided. Laravel provides the service of changing the structure and lets us do it by the use of PHP code instead of the structured query language(SQL) which is a language used to communicate with the database. Laravel Schema allows one to build database tables and insertion of columns as well as indices. This makes us consider the Laravel schema builder as a version that has control over one’s database.

I hope everything has gotten ideas of the Question asked again What is Laravel

Here’s actually what you will realize Learn:

  • Essential Laravel highlights: database relocation, database seeds, model processing plants, accessor and mutations, structure approval, confirmation, and approval.
  • Advance Eloquent Relationship: Many too numerous and Many to Many polymorphic relationships.
  • Incorporating Fontawesome 5 by means of Laravel blend.
  • Incorporating Bootstrap 4 for UI Styling.
  • Actualizing DRY rule.
  • Utilizing Git for form control and Github as code vault.
  • Prologue to Vue js: Directive, list rendering, contingent rendering, class official, style authoritative, segments and considerably more. (accessible in September 2018)
  • Incorporating Vue js and Ajax to make our application progressively intelligent (accessible in September 2018)

Who is the intended interest group?

This course is intended for understudies officially acquainted with the nuts and bolts of Laravel and needs to step up their improvement abilities by structure genuine undertaking

Any individual who needs to figure out how to consolidate Laravel and other most recent web advances to fabricate full-stack web application

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