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Web Development W/ Google’s Go (Golang) Programming Language

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Take in Web Programming from a University Professor in Computer Science with more than 15 years of educating background.

Start your career with Go Golang programming language to create and understand amazing methods.

What you’ll Learn

  • Develop server-side applications utilizing the present prescribed procedures
  • Get an extraordinary establishment in the essentials of web programming
  • Gain from a University Professor in Computer Science with more than 15 years of experience instructing people of all capacity levels
  • Accomplish authority in the comprehension and utilization of web advancement
  • Get servers, steering, peaceful applications, JSON, AJAX, layouts, record servers, treats, state, UUIDs, HTTP techniques, HTTP reaction codes, sessions, Amazon Web Services, MySQL, MongoDB, load balancers, HTTPS and TLS, Docker, Containers, Virtual Machines, Google Cloud, and App Engine
  • Make web applications utilizing just the Go writing computer programs language’s standard library
  • Make web applications without utilizing outsider structures
  • Construct performant appropriated applications that powerfully scale
  • Apply forefront web advancement rehearses


You should see how to program with the Go programming language before taking this course. On the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea how to program with Go if it’s not too much trouble take my course: “Figure out How To Code: Google’s Go (golang) Programming Language”


The Go programming language was made by Google to do what Google does: performant web applications at scale.

Publicly released in 2009 and achieving rendition one of every 2012, the Go programming language is the best decision for web advancement programming today.

Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, Node.js, PHP, and ASP all miss the mark.

Go is the most dominant, performant, and adaptable programming language today for making web applications, web API’s, microservices, and other disseminated administrations.

In this course, you will pick up a strong establishment in web advancement. You will become familiar with the majority of the accompanying and the sky is the limit from there:

  • Design
  • organizing design
  • the customer/server design
  • the solicitation/reaction design
  • the RFC gauges characterized by the IETF
  • the organization of solicitations from customers and reactions from servers
  • Formats
  • the job that formats play in server-side programming
  • step by step instructions to work with formats from Go’s standard library
  • changing information structures to function admirably with formats
  • Servers
  • the connection among TCP and HTTP
  • step by step instructions to fabricate a TCP server which reacts to HTTP demands
  • the most effective method to make a TCP server which goes about as an in-memory database
  • the most effective method to make a peaceful TCP server that handles different courses and techniques
  • the contrast between a web server, a serve mux, a multiplexer, and a mux
  • the most effective method to utilize an outsider server, for example, Julien Schmidt’s switch
  • the significance of HTTP strategies and status codes
  • The net/Http bundle
  • streamlining your web advancement with the net/Http bundle
  • the subtleties of the net/Http bundle
  • the handler interface
  • HTTP.ListenAndServe
  • making your very own serve mux
  • utilizing the default serve mux
  • HTTP.Handler and HTTP.Handler
  • HTTP.Handlefunc, func(ResponseWriter, *Request), and HTTP.HandlerFunc
  • HTTP.ServeContent, HTTP.ServeFile, and HTTP.FileServer
  • HTTP.StripPrefix
  • HTTP.NotFoundHandler
  • State and Sessions
  • the most effective method to make state: UUID’s, treats, values in URL’s, security
  • the most effective method to make sessions: login, consents, logout
  • the most effective method to terminate a session
  • Arrangement
  • the most effective method to buy a space
  • the most effective method to send an application to Google Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services

the most effective method to utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS)

the most effective method to make a virtual Linux machine on AWS EC2 (Elastic Cloud Compute)

instructions to utilize a secure shell (SSH) to deal with a virtual machine

instructions to utilize secure duplicate (SCP) to move documents to a virtual machine

what burden balancers are and how to utilize them on AWS


instructions to utilize MySQL on AWS

instructions to interface a MySQL workbench to AWS


getting CRUD

instructions to utilize MongoDB and Go

MVC (Model View Controller) Design Pattern

understanding the MVC configuration design

utilizing the MVC configuration design


virtual machines versus holders

understanding the advantages of utilizing Docker

Docker pictures, Docker holders, and Docker vaults

executing Docker and Go

conveying Docker and Go

Google Cloud

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud no-SQL datastore

Google Cloud Memcache

Google Cloud PAAS App Engine

Web Dev Toolkit



JSON.Marshal and JSON.Unmarshal

JSON. Encode and JSON.Decode

Hash message confirmation code (HMAC)

Base64 encoding

Web stockpiling



JSON with Go utilizing Tags

Building Applications

a photograph blog

a twitter clone

Before the finish of this course, you will have aced the essentials of web improvement.

My name is Todd McLeod. I am a tenured workforce in Computer Information Technology at Fresno City College and aide personnel in Computer Science at California State University Fresno. I have shown enough understudies more than 17 years to realize that before the finish of this course, you will be an extraordinary web engineer.

You will have the best aptitudes accessible today.

You will realize the most ideal approach to do web improvement today.

You will have the most smoking, most requested, and most generously compensated abilities in the commercial center.

Go along with me in this extraordinary course. Come adopt best practices for web advancement. Sign up for this course now and open ways to an incredible future.

Who this course is for:

This is a college-level prologue to a web programming course.

This course is for people who expertise to utilize the Go programming language.

This course is ideal for software engineers needing an intensive prologue to web advancement utilizing the Go programming language.

This course is ideal for designers needing to fill in holes in their insight.

Click the link below to Download Web Development W/ Google’s Go (Golang) Programming Language

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