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Nuxt JS With Laravel API – Building SSR Vue JS Apps

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Learn Laravel API Development. Take in Nuxt JS from Scratch to fabricate SPA, Static and SSR Vue JS Web Apps with Vuex.

There is not any best course to build SSR Vue JS types of Apps, This course covers everything from beginning to advance level and teaches you how to create apps with Laravel API.

What you’ll Learn

  • Have the option to construct present-day web applications (SPA, Static and SSR) utilizing Nuxt JS
  • Have the option to construct amazing and adaptable API’s utilizing Laravel PHP Framework
  • Learn API Development with Laravel
  • Learn Frontend Web Development with Nuxt Js
  • Ace both backend and frontend web improvement
  • Validation utilizing JWT
  • Worldwide Validation
  • Middlewares
  • Execute CRUD (make, read, update, erase)
  • Laravel API Resources
  • Theme/Posts Relationship (for instance Post/Comments)
  • Preferences – Polymorphic Relationship
  • Worldwide Mixins
  • Figure out how to utilize Postman
  • Organization


Fundamental learning of Vue JS

Fundamental learning of Laravel

Neighborhood improvement condition to make a crisp Laravel venture


Hi and welcome to the total Laravel API Development with Nuxt JS as a frontend framework that causes you to construct amazing Server Side Rendered Vue js applications with Vuex in the best possible way.

This course is made to take you from zero to the saint to fabricate a total frontend of your web application utilizing Next JS.

So why learn Nuxt js?

Basically in light of the fact that it causes you to manufacture Vue js applications the most ideal way. Next accompanies directing and server-side rendering out of the crate. Next, you can assemble Single Page App(SPA), Static Site and completely Server Side Rendered (SSR) web applications. These applications are will, in general, be very quick and performant!

What’s more, on the off chance that you definitely know Vue JS, Nuxt js will be simple for you to learn. With Next JS you will proceed, to improve as a Vue JS designer… and also… Vue JS is the world’s most well known and most cherished JavaScript system of the ongoing time.

Why learn API improvement?

All things considered, Laravel is a designers dream. It gives you such a great amount out of the crate, regardless of how enormous your undertaking is, you will probably create and scale your application in the blink of an eye.

Laravel is at present the universes most prevalent web system for structure full-stack web applications. You can fabricate any sort of server-side applications with it. What’s more, more noteworthy API backing has been added to this astounding structure in ongoing renditions.

So who is this course for?

This course is for individuals with at any rate fundamental learning of Vue JS. Furthermore, for individuals who are as of now familiar to Laravel Basics, however, needs to jump into API improvement.

Nonetheless, you can skirt the Laravel part and possibly proceed with Nuxt JS on the off chance that you need to abstain from composing your own backend API.

So to put it plainly, this is the main seminar on Udemy that shows you how to construct your very own API with Laravel and furthermore manufacture a frontend with Nuxt JS across the board course!

So what’s the course like?

This course starts with the outright nuts and bolts of Nuxt JS. At that point, it experiences every one of the essentials of Nuxt JS. You will likewise fabricate a venture while learning Nuxt and furthermore convey to firebase facilitating.

When you comprehend everything about Nuxt, you will move to Laravel. With Laravel, you will figure out how to construct an incredible backend with all that you wish to incorporate, for example, Authentication, CRUD, likes, connections, API assets and that’s just the beginning…

This course is your passage to the present and fate of current web improvement, where the backend is isolated from the frontend. With everything taken into account, this course has every one of the fixings to make you A Truly Fullstack Web Developer!!!

About the course, I will be expressly helping the understudies by means of the Q&A segment of Udemy so, in the event that you ever stall out, you won’t be separated from everyone else. I will be there to support you.

At long last, Udemy has a multi-day unconditional promise! so if for reasons unknown you are not fulfilled, you can recover your cash. It’s completely hazard-free!

So go along with me in this course and Master the API driven web advancement with Nuxt JS for structure present-day web applications.

This course additionally has a greater, most energizing last venture. You will construct A Complete API with Laravel which will have Authentication, CRUD, Relationships including polymorphic relationship for Likes and entire part more…

You will likewise figure out how to utilize mailman for testing while at the same time assembling your API.

Before the end, you will be agreeable enough to begin off your next enormous task utilizing Laravel backend to fill in as your API and Nuxt JS to construct a frontend customer for your Web Application. If you don’t mind experience the educational program beneath to get a greater picture of this course.

Much obliged to you!

Who this course is for:

Laravel designer who needs to assemble an API

Vue JS engineer who needs to fabricate SSR web applications utilizing Nuxt JS

Web Developer who needs to ace both frontend and backend to fabricate bleeding-edge web applications

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Nuxt JS With Laravel API – Building SSR Vue JS Apps

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