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Fern Wifi Cracker Network Hacking – Intermediate To Advanced

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Learn propelled methods to hack into WiFi and wired systems and compose possess python contents to execute custom MITM assaults

Complete Network hacking with amazing and advance tools containing Fern Wifi Cracker and other networks hacking best tools.

What Will I Learn?

  • 50 point by point recordings about handy assaults against Wi-Fi systems
  • Various MORE ADVANCED down to earth assaults
  • Detach numerous/all customers from their systems without knowing the key
  • Sidestep MAC sifting (both high contrast records).
  • Find names of concealed systems and interface with them
  • Break progressively secure WEP execution when SKA is utilized.
  • Endeavor WPS on progressively secure switches to get the WPA/WPA2 key.
  • Open WPS on certain switches regardless of whether its bolted
  • See how WPA/WPA2 undertaking work.
  • Access arranges that utilization WPA/WPA2 endeavor utilizing 2 techniques.
  • Access hostage gateways (inns and airplane terminal systems) utilizing 3 strategies.
  • See how phony passagework and have the option to make one physically starting with no outside help
  • Produce SSL authentications and use it to help HTTPS on apache2.
  • Make a phony hostage entry that demonstrations precisely like a typical hostage gateway.
  • Take WPA/WPA2 secret word utilizing wickedness twin assault.
  • Break WPA/WPA2 quicker utilizing GPU rather than CPU.
  • Utilize enormous wordlists to break WPA/WPA2 without occupying the circle room.
  • Spare WPA/WPA2 breaking progress.
  • Sidestep HTTPS and catch information physically.
  • Sidestep switch side security and run ARP satirizing assault without raising cautions.
  • Dissect information streams and construct possess assaults.
  • Compose custom content to execute your assault thoughts.
  • Run assaults against HTTPS sites.
  • Usage of Fern Wifi Cracker and other tools
  • Infuse Javascript/HTML code in HTTPS pages.
  • Make trojans – join any document (picture/pdf) with a malicious record.
  • Supplant records downloaded on the system with trojans.
  • Compose content to supplant downloads with trojans on the fly.


Remote connector (for the wifi splitting segment ONLY) – like ALFA AWUS036NHA Or anything with an Atheros chipset (more data gave in the course).

Completed the systems area of my general moral hacking course OR

Completed my system hacking course.


Welcome to my propelled system hacking course, this course is intended to develop on what you definitely think about system hacking, thusly I suggest completing the system hacking area of my general moral hacking course or completing my system hacking course before beginning this course.

Much the same as the majority of my different courses, this course is very reasonable, yet it won’t disregard the hypothesis, since this is a propelled course we will break each assault into its littler segments and see how every one of these parts work, in this manner before the finish of the course you will almost certainly blend these assaults and embrace assaults to suit various circumstances and various situations, that as well as toward the finish of the course I will show you how to compose your own man in the center contents to execute your own man in the center assaults.

Hackstime Provide Udemy Courses Free Download with daily updates

Since this course expands on what you realize in the courses referenced over, the principle areas here have comparable titles to the fundamental segments in these courses, yet the themes secured here are further developed.

This course is isolated into three principal areas:

Pre-Connection Attacks – in this area you will figure out how to expand the pre-association assaults that you definitely know, for instance you will figure out how to run every one of the assaults that you know so far against systems and customers that utilization 5Ghz, stretch out the de-authentication assault to focus on numerous customers and various systems in the meantime, and physically change your macintosh address so you can transform it on any gadget that supports that without relying upon any devices.

Getting entrance – In this area, you will get familiar with various propelled procedures to access different system designs and different system encryptions. First, you will figure out how to defeat some security includes that would keep you from attempting any assaults, you will figure out how to find and target shrouded systems and sidestep macintosh separating climate it is executed utilizing a boycott or a white-list. As you experience the majority of the addresses in this area, you will figure out how to physically arrange and make a phony passage, you will see precisely how it functions and the administrations it depends on, thusly before the finish of this segment you will almost certainly make custom phony passageways to suit your needs, so you will probably make counterfeit hostage entryways, take WPA/WPA2 passwords or use it to keep an eye on customers that interface with it. This segment is partitioned into various subsections each covering a particular theme:

Hostage Portals – hostage entrances are open systems that expect clients to login subsequent to interfacing with it, they are typically utilized in lodgings and air terminals. In this subsection, you will learn three techniques to access hostage entrances.

WEP Cracking – Even however this is an old and powerless encryption, this is as yet utilized in certain systems and you can not consider yourself a programmer on the off chance that you can not split it, at this point you should realize how to rack WEP if OPEN confirmation is utilized, in this segment you will figure out how to access WEP systems that utilization Shared Key Authentication (SKA) as the majority of the strategies that you adapted so far won’t neutralize SKA.

WPA/WPA2 splitting – In this segment you will adapt further developed strategies to access WPA/WPA2 systems Fern Wifi Cracker, this segment is isolated into much littler subsections:

Abusing WPS – in this subsection, you will figure out how to troubleshoot reaver’s yield and endeavor the WPS include on more switches utilizing reaver’s propelled alternatives, you will likewise figure out how to open a few switches on the off chance that they lock after various bombed endeavors.

Propelled Wordlist Attacks – in this subsection you will figure out how to run further developed wordlist assaults, this will expand your odds of splitting the key; you will figure out how to utilize enormous wordlists without squandering stockpiling, spare the breaking progress so you can interruption and resume the breaking procedure at whatever point you need, you will likewise figure out how to break the key a lot quicker utilizing the GPU rather than the CPU.

Underhandedness Twin Attack – Finally in the event that nothing, unless there are other options strategies, work, at that point the final retreat is to utilize social building to get the key, in this subsection you will figure out how to get the secret word for an objective WPA/WPA2 system utilizing social designing, without speculating and without utilizing a wordlist.

WPA/WPA2 Enterprise – These systems are typically utilized in organizations and schools, these are security systems that utilization WPA/WPA2 yet in addition expect clients to log in with a username and secret key subsequent to interfacing, in this subsection you will see how they work and how to access them.

Post-Connection Attacks – In this area you will become familiar with various propelled assaults that you can pursue associating with a system, the majority of the assaults in this subsection neutralize WiFi and ethernet systems, you will figure out how to physically sidestep HTTPS and catch delicate information, you will most likely utilize this strategy paying little heed to how you turned into the man in the center so you will almost certainly use it with any situation or circumstance when fascinating information is moving through your PC.

you will likewise figure out how to infuse javascript/HTML in HTTPS sites, sidestep switch side security and run ARP harming assaults without raising any alerts. You will likewise figure out how to physically examine information streams and fabricate your very own MITM assault thoughts regardless of whether there are no apparatuses that run your assault, that as well as show you how to compose your own contents to execute your very own MITM assaults. Before the finish of this area, you will get familiar with the correct philosophy of structure your own assault, you’ll figure out how to examine system streams, run a straightforward test, make an interpretation of that into a working content that actualizes your assault, lastly test that content against a remote PC.

At long last, toward the finish of the course, you will figure out how to shield yourself and your frameworks from these assaults.

Every one of the assaults in this course are handy assaults that neutralize genuine PCs, in every procedure you will comprehend the hypothesis behind it and how it functions, at that point you’ll figure out how to utilize that strategy in a genuine situation, so before the finish of the course you’ll have the option to alter these methods or consolidate them to concoct all the more dominant assaults and embrace them to various situations and diverse working frameworks.

NOTE: This course is made for instructive purposes just and every one of the assaults is propelled in my own lab or against gadgets that I have consent to test.

NOTE: This course is absolutely a result of Zaid Sabih and no other association is related to it or an accreditation test. Despite the fact that you will get a Course Completion Certification from Udemy, aside from that NO OTHER ORGANIZATION IS INVOLVED.

Who is the intended interest group?

Individuals who need to take their system hacking abilities to the following level.

Individuals who need to have a superior comprehension of the subject and improve their abilities.

Individuals who need to have the option to run assaults physically and compose their very own MITM contents.

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