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All that you have to pass the A+ 220-901 Exam, from Mike Meyers, and Total Seminars. English/Spanish/Portuguese CC

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What you’ll Learn

• This is a finished and thorough CompTIA A+ 220-901 course. It is intended to set up the understudy to have the option to take and pass the first of two A+ tests expected to progress toward becoming CompTIA A+ Certified. To progress toward becoming A+ Certified expects you to pass BOTH the 220-901 and 220-902 tests. There is a different course covering the 220-902 test.

• Once you complete the two CompTIA A+ courses, you will have the information and certainty to pass the tests AND the aptitudes to be an extraordinary PC tech. This course is perfect as both an examination device and a hands-on reference.

• Your new abilities and the CompTIA A+ Certification will enable you to find your first PC tech work or on the off chance that you are as of now a PC tech, understand that raise or headway you are looking for.


• Basic commonality with PCs and systems.

• There are no particular requirements as the course covers every one of the points in detail.


Welcome to the CompTIA A+ Certification 901. The Total Course from Mike Meyers and Total Seminars.

This is the first of a two-course arrangement for CompTIA A+ and is intended to set you up to take and pass the CompTIA A+ 220-901 test. To turn out to be completely A+ confirmed you should pass both the 220-901 and 220-902 tests. This course is more than 14 hours long containing more than 120 video addresses. The principal objective of the course is to make you a decent PC Tech and in the process ensure you are prepared to pass the CompTIA 901 test.

The course covers all the CompTIA A+ 220-901Objective Domains:

1.0 Hardware 34%

2.0 Networking 21%

3.0 Mobile Devices 17%

4.0 Hardware and Networking Troubleshooting 28%

Points incorporate how to:

Work with CPU, RAM, BIOS, motherboards, control supplies, and other PC parts.

  • Introduce, arrange, and keep up hard drives.
  • Oversee input gadgets and removable media.
  • Investigate and fix basic PC issues.
  • Introduce video and mixed media cards.
  • Work with advanced cells, tablets, and other cell phones.
  • Introduce and design wired and remote systems.
  • Associate with the Internet.
  • Introduce, design, and oversee printers and different peripherals
  • English, Spanish and Portuguese shut subtitles accessible.

About the CompTIA A+ accreditation

A+ (A Plus) is a passage level PC accreditation for PC administration experts. The test is intended to affirm the competency of passage level PC administration experts in introducing, keeping up, altering, and working PCs. A+ accreditation is supported by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA). CompTIA is an enormous exchange gathering, established in 1982 and made up of affiliates, wholesalers, and producers. It sets intentional rules managing business morals and demonstrable skill and is associated with numerous issues including item returns, guarantee claims, and value security.

Truly, A+ Certification was a lifetime testament, however starting in 2011, the A+ endorsement must be restored at regular intervals by retaking the A+ test. Something else, testament holders must pay a CEU (Continuing Education Units) expense to look after the affirmation.

The A+ test contains situational, customary, and recognizable proof kinds of inquiries. The majority of the inquiries are numerous decisions, and there is just one right response for each inquiry. The A+ test is available to anyone, in spite of the fact that it is intended to be taken by those with at any rate a half year of professional training as administration specialists.

As of now, A+ is the main major non-seller explicit equipment accreditation accessible for IBM-good PC frameworks. Progressively, many assistance work area positions just as administration focuses are requiring A+ accreditation or comparable experience as a reason for employing.

CompTIA likewise supports affirmation for record imaging (Certified Document Imaging Architech [CDIA]) and a system confirmation test (Network+). The CompTIA accreditations are as a rule more essential and less item explicit than different affirmations, for example, Microsoft’s MCSE or a Novell CNE.

CompTIA previously offered a Macintosh module and authentication in the fix and establishment of Apple PC frameworks. This module has been stopped for quite a long while, and presently the main equipment affirmation for Macintosh PC frameworks is accessible through Apple. For additional, see Apple’s Training and Certification page.

For progressively about A+ Certification, visit CompTIA.

You can take the A+ affirmation test, just as tests for some different confirmations, at various testing revolves far and wide. To enlist for a test by means of one of these focuses, see the Prometric booking page.

Who this course is for:

• This course is expected for anybody that is getting ready for a passage level PC specialist position or hoping to improve their aptitudes and become CompTIA A+ Certified. Be that as it may, it goes past that and will give you the aptitudes you should be a superior-tech at work.

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