Networking Cisco CCNA R/S (200-120 & 200-125): Complete 2019

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This total Cisco CCNA course will cover all that you have to get ready for the 200-120 and the NEW CCNA 200-125

Detailed Networking Cisco CCNA with advance labs to make you an expert in a short time, Download free course on Hacks Time.

What you’ll Learn

This is a finished and extensive CCNA R/S, the CCENT, and ICND2. It is intended to set up the understudy to be capable take any of these confirmation tests.

When you complete this course, the understudy won’t just have the certainty to take and have the option to finish the test, however, they ought to have the option to move the learning gained to a systems administration condition.

Understanding the ideas as given in this course is a basic piece of any system so as to impart and transmit data. Acing this learning will make the understudy or IT Professional a substantially more significant resource in any Network or IT condition.

This course will change over to the new CCNA 200-125.

The understudy will have both the addresses from the old CCNA 200-120 (which covers about 70% of the new test), however, it additionally covers all the new points and addresses for Cisco’s new test, the CNA 200-125


Essential comprehension of Networking

Understudies should get, either the Cisco Packet Tracer or comparative test systems (i.e.: GNS3, BOSON, ETC). These are not part of the course and it isn’t given.

A CCNA R/S Study Guide book would be useful

Want to pass the CCNA R/S confirmation test


  • This course is over 45+ hours long and will cover all the required subjects to be effective in passing the CCNA 200-120 test and the new CCNA 200-125.
  • Understudies will get the learning and practice labs in this course to make it transferable to genuine use, as a Cisco and additionally IT Professional.
  • DISCLAIMER: Please note that the test systems/emulators utilized in this course are NOT part of the course. It is the understudies’ obligation to have these to rehearse with.
  • The Cisco Packet Tracer and VIRAL (Virtual Internet Routing Lab) are Cisco exclusive programming and must be gotten through Cisco.
  • Be that as it may, understudies have more choices that those. They can make their very own lab with genuine gear, get BOSON or GNS3.
  • It is dependent upon every understudy to acquire the test system/emulator of their decision to think about alongside this course.
  • It would be ideal if you additionally NOTE: .pkt documents are not up-loadable to UDEMY’s site.
  • This implies you would need to duplicate my labs here so as to rehearse and track.

This course will give understudies an inside and out comprehension of systems administration, utilizing switches and switches and their different designs and associations. Understudies will figure out how to arrange; default, static and dynamic steering. Understudies will appreciate how to control every one of the steering conventions ascribes to meet the prerequisites of the system.

This course will likewise set up the understudy in Layer 2 innovation and its different setups, for example, VLAN’s, VTP, STP, PortFast, EtherChannel, Port-Security, Inter-VLAN correspondence, and Trunking; in addition to the most up to date prerequisites for the CCNA (200-125) confirmation test too.

Understudies will likewise procure the learning expected to verify their switches using Access-list, arranging the various kinds of NAT and will almost certainly deal with the switch’s ports.

Understudies will likewise have the option to completely get a handle on the ideas of both Internet Protocols; IPv4 and IPv6.

Wide Area Network Protocols will likewise be secured; HDLC, PPP and Frame Relay. The understudy will likewise figure out how to make repetition in their systems using Redundancy Protocols, for example, HSRP which is similarly as significant. Additionally, inside the WAN, the understudy will likewise figure out how to make VPN’s and GRE Tunnels.

This is a full complete course that will take you from A-Z as you continued looking for the CCNA (200-120) and now incorporates Cisco’s NEW CCNA (200-125).

About “the book”:

All through the course, you will hear me notice “your book”, “a book” or “the book”… and in case you’re asking why I don’t make reference to a name… this is on the grounds that this was done deliberately.

I don’t need anybody to buy a book on the off chance that you as of now have one… all CCNA study aides spread something very similar in various habits. So in the event that you as of now have a CCNA book, you can utilize it with this course.

In any case, for those that marvel which book I use in this course of Networking … here they are:

Systems administration (PC)

Posted by: Margaret Rouse

Contributor(s): Jessica Scarpati

Systems administration, otherwise called PC organizing, is the act of shipping and trading information between hubs over a mutual medium in a data framework. Systems administration involves not just the plan, development, and utilization of a system, yet in addition to the administration, upkeep and task of the system framework, programming, and arrangements.

PC systems administration empowers gadgets and endpoints to be associated with one another on a neighborhood (LAN) or to a bigger system, for example, the web or a private wide territory organize (WAN). This is a basic capacity for specialist organizations, organizations and shoppers worldwide to share assets, use or offer administrations, and convey. Systems administration encourages everything from phone calls to content informing to gushing video to the web of things (IoT).

The degree of aptitude required to work a system straightforwardly connects to the multifaceted nature of a given system. For instance, an enormous undertaking may have a huge number of hubs and thorough security necessities, for example, start to finish encryption, requiring specific system directors to Networking administer the system.

At the opposite finish of the range, a layman may set up and perform fundamental investigating for a home Wi-Fi coordinate with a short guidance manual. The two models establish PC organizing.

Sorts of systems administration

There are two essential sorts of PC organizing: wired systems administration and remote systems administration.

Wired systems administration requires the utilization of a physical mechanism for a vehicle between hubs. Copper-based Ethernet cabling, prevalent because of its minimal effort and toughness, is normally utilized for computerized interchanges in organizations and homes. Then again, optical fiber is utilized to ship information over more prominent separations and at quicker speeds, yet it has a few tradeoffs, including greater expenses and progressively delicate parts.

Remote systems administration uses radio waves to move information over the air, empowering gadgets to be associated with a system with no cabling. Remote LANs are the most outstanding and broadly sent type of remote systems administration. Options incorporate a microwave, satellite, cell, and Bluetooth, among others.

When in doubt, wired systems administration offers more noteworthy speed, unwavering quality and security contrasted with remote systems; remote systems administration will, in general, give greater adaptability, versatility, and versatility.

It ought to be noticed that these sorts of systems administration concern the physical layer of the system. Systems administration can likewise be ordered by how it’s manufactured and structured, enveloping methodologies that incorporate programming characterized by organizing (SDN) or overlay systems. Systems administration can likewise be classified by condition and scale, for example, LAN, grounds, WAN, server farm systems or capacity zone systems.

Parts of systems administration

PC systems administration requires the utilization of physical system framework – including switches, switches, and remote passageways – and the basic firmware that works such gear. Different segments incorporate the product important to screen, oversee and secure the system.

Moreover, systems depend on the utilization of standard conventions to consistently perform discrete capacities or convey various sorts of information, paying little mind to the fundamental equipment.

For instance Networking, voice over IP (VoIP) can ship IP communication traffic to any endpoint that supports the convention. HTTP gives a typical method to programs to show website pages. The web convention suite, otherwise called TCP/IP, is a group of conventions in charge of shipping information and administrations over an IP-based system.

Sybex book by Todd Lammle – CCNA 200-120

Amazon book by Lazaro Diaz – The Only IP Book You Will Ever Need!

Expectation you appreciate the course!

Laz 😉

Who this course is for:

This course is proposed for anybody that is getting ready for a system confirmation or Computer Science Degree. Nonetheless, it goes past that, it is additionally proposed for those Networking and additionally IT Professionals that are as of now in the field and need a superior comprehension of systems.

This course is for those that need to accomplish the new CCNA R/S (200-125)

This course will help those in the field comprehend the essentials of Networking

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