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Bug Bounty Google Bug Bounty : Web Hacking – 2019

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Acquire by hacking lawfully

Bug Hunting will help you to become a professional and legal ethical hacker that can earn legally by helping big websites to find bugs and inform them just like Bug Bounty Google or Facebook.

What Will I Learn?

  • Hack sites
  • Partake in bug abundance programs for programmers
  • Gain by hacking lawfully


  • Essential PC and Internet perusing information
  • One ought to have a workstation fueled with windows or Linux OS


In this course you will figure out how to hack facebook, Bug Bounty Google, PayPal sort of web application, you won’t simply learn to hack them, you will even figure out how to win from hacking them and its everything 100% legitimate, Earning by hacking lawfully is known as bug abundance program, 250+ organizations have bug abundance program, Facebook paid 5 million to programmers,

Google paid over $6 million and numerous others do pay. One acquires millions to 100,000$/month, so fundamentally bug abundance program is the place programmers get paid for hacking and uncovering bugs to the parent organization, on the off chance that you need to win by hacking implies this course is for you, this course will assist you with getting started in bug abundance program.

Google Vulnerability Reward Program (VRP) Rules

We have since quite a while ago delighted in a cozy association with the security look into the network. To respect all the front line outer commitments that help us protect our clients, we keep up a Vulnerability Reward Program for Google-claimed web properties, running consistently since November 2010.

Administrations in degree

On a fundamental level, any Google-possessed web administration that handles sensibly touchy client information is planned to be in degree. This incorporates essentially all the substance in the accompanying spaces:

* -Bug Bounty Google



Bugs in Google Cloud Platform, Google-created applications and augmentations (distributed in Google Play, in iTunes, or in the Chrome Web Store), just as a portion of our equipment gadgets (Home, OnHub and Nest) will likewise qualify. See our Android Rewards and Chrome Rewards for different administrations and gadgets that are additionally in a degree.

On the other side, the program has two significant prohibitions to remember:

Outsider sites. Some Google-marked administrations facilitated in less basic spaces might be worked by our sellers or accomplices (this remarkably incorporates We can’t approve of you to test these frameworks in the interest of their proprietors and won’t reward such reports. If you don’t mind read the fine print on the page and look at area and IP WHOIS records to affirm. If all else fails, converse with us first!

Ongoing acquisitions. To permit time for inside survey and remediation, recently procured organizations are liable to a six-month power outage period. Bugs announced sooner than that will ordinarily not meet all requirements for a reward.

Qualifying vulnerabilities

  • Any plan or execution issue that considerably influences the secrecy or respectability of client information is probably going to be in degree for the program. Basic models include:
  • Cross-site scripting,
  • Cross-site demand phony,
  • Blended substance contents,
  • Validation or approval defects,
  • Server-side code execution bugs.
  • A complete Bug Bounty Google Guide

New! Moreover, noteworthy maltreatment related systems are likewise in extension for this program, if the detailed assault situation shows a structure or execution issue in a Google item that could prompt huge damage.

A case of a maltreatment related approach would be a method by which an aggressor can control the rating score of a posting on Google Maps by presenting an adequately huge volume of phony audits that go undetected by our maltreatment frameworks. In any case, detailing a particular business with likely phony appraisals would not qualify.

Note that the extent of the program is restricted to specialized vulnerabilities in Google-claimed program expansions, portable, and web applications; kindly don’t attempt to sneak into Google workplaces, endeavor phishing assaults against our representatives, etc.

Out of worry for the accessibility of our administrations to all clients, kindly don’t endeavor to complete DoS assaults, influence dark cap SEO methods, spam individuals, or do other likewise faulty things. We likewise demoralize the utilization of any powerlessness testing apparatuses that consequently create extremely critical volumes of traffic.

Non-qualifying vulnerabilities just like Bug Bounty Google.

New! Visit our Bug Hunter University page devoted to normal non-qualifying discoveries and vulnerabilities.

Contingent upon their effect, a portion of the announced issues may not qualify. In spite of the fact that we survey them on a case-by-case premise, here is a portion of the regular generally safe issues that ordinarily don’t procure a money related reward:

Vulnerabilities in * or * These areas are utilized to have applications that have a place with Google Cloud clients. The Vulnerability Reward Program does not approve of the testing of Google Cloud client applications. Google Cloud clients can approve the entrance testing of their own applications (read more), however, testing of these spaces isn’t inside the extent of or approved by the Vulnerability Reward Program.

Cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in “sandbox” spaces (read more.) We keep up various areas that influence the equivalent cause arrangement to securely segregate specific sorts of untrusted content; the most conspicuous case of this is * Except if an effect on delicate client information can be illustrated, we don’t consider the capacity to execute JavaScript in that area to be a bug.

The execution of proprietor provided JavaScript in Blogger. Online journals facilitated in * are the same as any outsider site on the Internet. For your wellbeing, we utilize spam and malware identification devices, yet we don’t consider the capacity to insert JavaScript inside your own blog to be a security bug.

URL redirection (read more.) We perceive that the location bar is the main dependable security pointer in current programs; subsequently, we hold that the convenience and security advantages of a few well-structured and intently observed redirectors exceed their actual dangers.

Genuine substance proxying and confining. We anticipate that our administrations should unambiguously name outsider substance and to play out various maltreatment location checks, however as with redirectors, we believe that the estimation of items, for example, Google Translate exceeds the hazard.

Bugs requiring exceedingly impossible client connection. For instance, a cross-site scripting imperfection requires the unfortunate casualty to physically type in an XSS payload into Google Maps and afterward double-tap a blunder message that may practically not meet the bar.

Logout cross-web page demand phony (read more.) regardless, the structure of HTTP treats implies that no single site can keep its clients from being logged out; thus, application-explicit methods for accomplishing this objective will probably not qualify. You might be keen on close to home blog entries from Chris Evans and Michal Zalewski for more foundation.

Blemishes influencing the clients of outdated programs and modules. The security model of the web is by and large continually tweaked. The board will regularly not remunerate any issues that influence just the clients of obsolete or unpatched programs. Specifically, we reject Internet Explorer before variant 9.

The nearness of pennant or adaptation data. Adaptation data does not, without anyone else, open the administration to assaults – so we don’t believe this to be a bug. All things considered, in the event that you find obsolete programming and have valid justifications to speculate that it represents a well-characterized security chance if it’s not too much trouble told us.

Email mocking on Gmail and Google Groups. We know about the hazard exhibited by parodied messages and are finding a way to guarantee that the Gmail channel can viably manage such assaults.

Client count. Reports sketching out client count are not inside degree except if you can exhibit that we don’t have any rate confines set up to ensure our clients.

Bypassing the breaking point of records that can be confirmed with a given SMS number. We regularly get reports about clients having the option to sidestep our SMS limit for confirming records. There are really two unique quantities for each number for a record check, one by means of ‘SMS’ and an alternate one by means of ‘Call Me’.

Fiscal rewards aside, helplessness correspondents who work with us to determine security bugs in our items will be credited on the Hall of Fame. On the off chance that we document an inner security bug, we will recognize your commitment on that page.

what all teacher have shrouded in this course:

first devices: Burp Suite, Browser Plugins, Lots of programming in Kali Linux OS

after that a wide range of weakness: SQL, XSS, CSRF infusion and some more

at that point at long last technique of doing bug abundance

so’s all in this course this much is sufficient to figure out how in the first place bug abundance

in the event that you need to be one among those moral programmers, at that point select into my course “Bug Bounty: Web hacking” presently!

Who is the intended interest group?

Anybody keen on hacking

Who needs to seek after moral hacking as a bearer

Who needs to gain by hacking legally

Click the link below to Download Bug Bounty Google Bug Bounty: Web Hacking – 2019 Course

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Made by Amit Huddar

Last refreshed 8/2019


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