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WordPress Theme Development Bootstrap 4 Editing WordPress themes

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Make your very own custom WordPress topic with Bootstrap 4, HTML, CSS, PHP, for yourself, your customers and for the world with Editing WordPress themes!

If you are a WordPress developer and want to edit your themes using your own style you can use this course to learn Editing WordPress themes

What you’ll realize

  • You’ll figure out how to make a WordPress topic from beginning to end
  • You’ll figure out how to pack your topic for appropriation
  • You’ll figure out how to internationalize your topic


This isn’t for tenderfoots. You have to realize how to peruse/comprehend essential HTML, CSS and PHP code to pursue the course

You have to know in any event what is WordPress and what it is really going after




“5 stars merited I state. The course is anything but difficult to pursue and in the event that you run over any inquiries you can pose to them on the Q&A board. So far the best WordPress subject improvement instructional exercise that I found here on Udemy. Anticipating numerous a lot more from Marcelo:- ).”

(He Lu)

“As of late, I chose to ace WordPress (… ). I attempted a few digital books and online instructional exercises however none of them clarify things as clear as you did. I truly like the methodology you took to prepare your understudies.

I know giving a course is difficult, however giving a quality course is MUCH HARDER. Be that as it may, you figured out how to convey nearly everything with immaculate direction. I truly took in a ton from you, and I wish I can apply whatever I gained from you to my profession.”

Editing WordPress themes is an easy way to do after having this course.

(Message from understudy Seng Fei Yang)


Consistently private ventures, experts and business people acknowledge how beneficial is to have a site. WordPress is a useful asset for making dynamic, quick and outwardly engaging sites for those crowds.

Perhaps you’re a website specialist/web engineer who needs to make your very own custom topics. You can utilize WordPress to fire up your very own site or help your customers with their own activities. Or on the other hand, possibly you’re hoping against hope your most astounding dream and need to sell your own custom topic on commercial centers, for example, Theme Forest.

All things considered, you can’t accomplish your objective if first, you can’t gain proficiency with the rudiments of WordPress topic improvement.

So now it’s your turn! In this course you will figure out how to assemble your own WordPress subject without any preparation, utilizing the most recent Bootstrap 4* adaptation! This course will be your initial phase in the wide universe of WordPress!

Figure out How to Build Your Own WordPress Theme From Scratch

• Master WordPress topic creation from the earliest starting point

• Have more command over your topic and learn well ordered how to make your site with a cutting edge and responsive look

• Expand your insight by applying propelled systems that set you apart from different experts who additionally make for WordPress

• Work with Bootstrap rendition 4* inside your topic

Ace the Creation of a WordPress Themes in an Easy and Straightforward Way

Presently it is evaluated that around 20% of locales worldwide are worked with WordPress. This number is expanding each day in light of the fact that WordPress is anything but difficult to utilize and it’s protected.

In the event that you as of now create sites, you will perceive that it is so quick to make with WordPress. You will likewise comprehend why it has made an energetic network of adherents around it.

There are a few advantages for the individuals who skill to manufacture a custom WordPress topic. Notwithstanding realizing how to take care of issues all the more effectively, figuring out how to make a subject starting with no outside help truly places you responsible for your design. As far as possible it will be your very own innovativeness.

WordPress Theme Development Bootstrap 4 Editing WordPress themes

Course Overview

This course is intended to bring the essential ideas of WordPress topic creation to understudies around the world. It contains in excess of 50 addresses that will bring your profession as a WordPress subject designer to an unheard-of level.

It has been painstakingly intended for experts who as of now have negligible learning of HTML, CSS, PHP and wish to step forward in seeing how a WordPress subject functions work Editing WordPress themes. This isn’t a course for tenderfoots. Along these lines, in the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea how to function with a code supervisor (otherwise called an IDE) and still battle to comprehend fundamental HTML/CSS/PHP, you would be advised to take an essential web improvement course first.

This isn’t just a seminar on the best way to fabricate a straightforward site. I will direct you on the most proficient method to make an entire custom WordPress topic, with the most recent Bootstrap 4*, that you can, later on, convey or sell.

We should begin by learning the essential structure squares of a subject. You’ll see the stuff to enroll it in the WordPress administrator dashboard, make your very own menus and gadget territories.

You will likewise figure out how to plan the topic’s internal pages, all in a direct manner. What’s more, all through the exercises, I’ll be moving you to carry your very own answers for the subjects talked about. It will be an awesome shot for you to rehearse what you’ll be realizing!

In spite of the fact that this is a section level, moderate level course, you will take your insight to another level with a bunch of cutting edge strategies. I’ll show you how to utilize the WordPress Theme Customizer and you’ll likewise figure out how to manage topic internationalization/restriction and instruments, for example, the TGM Plugin Activation. Such instruments will separate your work from that of different experts who additionally fabricate subjects with WordPress.

Toward the finish of this course, you’ll likewise discover a couple more exercises about the new WordPress Gutenberg supervisor. You’ll comprehend what this device is and how it will influence your work as a topic designer.

You’ll additionally approach every one of the documents made during exercises. Every one of them refreshed and efficient for you to audit or address your very own code.

Toward the finish of the course, you will have figured out how to make your very own subject, starting with no outside help, and certainly reproduce your very own topic, or transform a basic HTML layout into a WordPress custom topic. What’s more, toward the finish of the course, you will get Udemy’s selective declaration!

It is safe to say that you are prepared? Along these lines, we should begin!

— — –


Have a fundamental comprehension of HTML, CSS, and PHP (all courses I offer)

Approach a code proofreader, free or something else. I recommend Coda 2, as that is the supervisor I use solely.

An Internet association is required.

A crisp duplicate of Bootstrap and WordPress (we will go over this in the start of the course).

Download and Install MAMP (or options — we spread this in the course)

Your preferred beverage.


Would you like to supercharge your HTML, CSS and PHP information and figure out how to transform them into a genuine business that can get you more cash-flow as a consultant?

Regardless of whether you’re an independent planner, business visionary, worker for an organization, code specialist, or searching for another vocation — this course gives you tremendously significant expertise that will empower you to either:

Editing WordPress themes is a Profit as an afterthought

So you can set something aside for that Hawaiian get-away you’ve been needing, assistance pays off your obligation, your vehicle, your home loan, or basically just to have reward money laying around.

Make a full-time salary

WordPress designers have alternatives. Numerous engineers bring home the bacon off of making custom WordPress subjects and selling them on sites like ThemeForest. Independent architects and engineers can likewise take on WordPress ventures and make an extra $1,000 – $5,000+ every month.

Who Should Take This Course?

Realistic and Web Designers

Visual architects are very gifted, yet request that they code their plans and they’ll stop up! This leaves them with no other decision yet to contract a web engineer. Any expert visual creators know web engineers can be costly.

In case you’re a fashioner, figuring out how to code your own WordPress sites can change your business altogether! Presently, not exclusively are you an incredible creator, however, you’re a handy engineer, as well! This sets you in a place to make an extra $1,000 – $5,000 per venture.

Business people

Business people have huge dreams, and much of the time, shoestring spending plans. So as to make due in the merciless universe of the Startup organization, it’s a need to have a world-class site. In any case, world-class sites accompany an enormous sticker price.

On the off chance that you can figure out how to assemble a superb startup site without anyone else, at that point you’ve recently spared yourself a ton of money, countless dollars much of the time.

Representatives of an organization

Any organization knows the instruction and preparing of their workers is critical to a flourishing group.

Contingent upon the kind of organization you work for, on the off chance that you see how to code, and can create CMS-driven sites, that gives you arranging power for a superior position or higher compensation.

Code Hobbyists

It’s amusing to pick up testing new abilities. Code specialists can add dynamic sites to their arms stockpile of instruments to play with — you can even sell WordPress topics and modules for money! The potential outcomes are really inestimable.

Individuals Looking for a New Career

It is safe to say that you are out of work? Searching for an all the more remunerating activity? Want a profession that can enable you to work anyplace on the planet? Turning into a Web Developer may be the response for you.

Web designers are paid well, somewhere in the range of $33,000 to more than $105,000 every year. They get the chance to work at astounding organizations that are changing the world, or they appreciate the capacity to begin their very own organizations, become area free and work from home, from cafés, in a plane, on the shoreline, or any place they need!

Last Project Features

All through this whole course, your progress in the direction of the structure an unimaginably wonderful, 100% custom site utilizing the Bootstrap system. The coolest part? The Bootstrap site doesn’t look anything like the Bootstrap sites you see everywhere throughout the Internet. It’s a profoundly altered structure, and the sort of site format I use when I fabricate custom WordPress sites for my genuine customers.

  • The last undertaking highlights:
  • Attractive and Modern Design
  • You get the opportunity to work with a cutting edge, proficient quality structure and format.
  • Quality HTML5 and CSS3
  • You’ll figure out how hand-make a dazzling site with substantial, semantic and excellent HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Simple to-utilize CMS
  • Enable your customers to effectively refresh their sites by changing over your static sites to dynamic sites, utilizing WordPress.
  • Editing WordPress themes Full Method

You can significantly build your effectiveness, and supercharge your web improvement aptitudes. Furthermore, thusly, you’ll adequately have the option to take on more tasks, charge higher rates, and get more cash-flow as a specialist.

Why take this course?

I don’t mess around. I do this professionally, and I’m sharing you my careful procedure for bringing home the bacon as a work-from-home web designer. There is definitely no filler in this course, no lighten, simply 100% quality substance, not much. On the off chance that you take this course, pursue my lead, and make a move — I promise you won’t just love the course, however, you’ll see genuine outcomes; you will have what it takes and certainty to take on WordPress ventures for customers, charge more cash, and make the estimation of the course in a solitary task. In the event that you abhor the course (which you won’t), you have 30-days to get a 100% discount — no hazard, no issue.

Quit dawdling, and come learn with me! Enlist today!

Who this course is for:

This course is for the individuals who are self-propelled and make a move! The abilities you will learn in this course will enable you to make a payment as an afterthought or assemble a full-time business making custom WordPress sites for customers.

Do you have an essential comprehension of HTML, CSS, and PHP? This course will supercharge those abilities and transform them into fantastically significant resources.

On the off chance that you don’t have a fundamental comprehension of HTML, CSS or PHP, you will have a troublesome time with this course and should catch up on those aptitudes before putting resources into this course.

This course is presumably not for you on the off chance that you don’t care for amusingness, quick-paced hands-on learning, or learning aptitudes that can completely change you.

This course is for the individuals who need to begin a web improvement business as an afterthought, or full-time as a work-from-home specialist.

This course is presumably not for you on the off chance that you don’t care for silliness, quick-paced hands-on learning, or learning aptitudes that can fundamentally improve your business or even completely change you.

In the event that you like making a salary as an afterthought, figuring out how to code custom WordPress sites with a system like Bootstrap is a surefire approach to get yourself some additional independent gigs.

* This isn’t a Bootstrap course. Bootstrap is just used to develop the subject during the course.

Who this course is for:

Understudies who need to figure out how WordPress functions

Website specialists/software engineers who need to make a subject for themselves, customers or for selling

Experts who need to manufacture responsive subjects with Bootstrap 4 and WordPress

I don’t suggest this course in the event that you have never composed a line of code

Click the link below to Download WordPress Theme Development Bootstrap 4 Editing WordPress themes

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Made by Marcelo Xavier Vieira

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